Door to Door Service

Door to Door pick up and drop off

Door-to Door Taxi Service is a supplementary service. The use of this service is subject to the following terms and conditions:

  • The Door-to-Door Taxi Service can be booked online.
  • The fare may be paid in cash to the taxi driver or payment processed through our online Booking Portal in advance. If your trip changes along the way, then regular meter rates will apply.
  • The fares quoted are one way and apply to one vehicle conveying a maximum of 4 passengers. If you would like to make a reservation for either pick-up or drop-off services for more than 4 passengers, please contact us directly to obtain information on the applicable fares and size of taxi.
  • Reservation of the Door-to-Door Taxi Service is a firm order. Free-of-charge-cancellations are possible by 8:00 pm on the preceding day at the latest. Please call us if necessary. Later-date-cancellations will result in no show fees being fully charged to your account or credit card.  

Pick up at your address – Calculation of pick-up time
To complete your reservation for the Door-to-Door Taxi Service you are asked to specify the time you wish to be picked up. It is up to you to select an appropriate time.

  • The pick-up time should be scheduled in such a manner that you will be ready 15 minutes before departure at the latest.
  • In the event of not being able to comply with the scheduled pick-up time for whatever reason , please notify Waltham Taxi immediately.
  • Meet the taxi at the place agreed upon and make sure to be in time. The taxi will wait no longer than 5 minutes as a maximum. If for some reason the waiting time is exceeded, the cost incurred will be charged.
  • Changing pick up time is only possible for the same day until 23:59 h.  


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